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Parking and curb management + TDM – I can help with strategy, policy, operations, and technology for on- and off-street parking, curb management, data management, shared vehicles, accessible parking, and electric or autonomous vehicles.


Project implementation – Whether organizational changes, staffing plans, budgeting, detailed implementation plans, communications planning, or ongoing support, I can help you figure out how to get it done. 


Municipal transportation policy – Have a bold vision for transportation? I can help translate your vision into clearly stated goals, meaningful performance measures, data collection and evaluation plans, and the smart strategies, policies, and implementation plans to make it happen. 


Design, marketing, and communications – Government services should not look and feel like they were designed by government committee. I can work with your communications and design team to develop an approach and materials that are coherent, dynamic, and effective. 


Project management training – Whether for a team or entire organization, I can help establish effective project management to significantly improve project delivery, managerial control, and overall calm. I teach people a simplified Agile-based approach that is lightweight, easy to learn, and requires little time and no software.


Your great idea – I love working with fabulous teams on big challenges. If I might be useful for something you're working on, be in touch!

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