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City of Oakland / OakDOT

Primus Consulting was retained to lead the process of updating the city’s parking and curb management, including development of vision, strategy, and overall roadmap, as well as detailed planning for demand-responsive pricing, data management, project management training, and a full parking management plan for a proposed urban stadium.



With the pending expiration of two major curb management contracts, Denver wanted to clarify its vision and strategic direction for parking and curb management. Working with staff and executive team, Primus Consulting led the development of a vision, goals, and three year work plan to achieve its strategic direction that included all areas of parking and curb management. 

Sidewalk Labs

As Sidewalk Labs was first forming as a company, Primus Consulting was hired to help the organization better understand the transportation, parking, and curb management space, as well as to develop possible products, business models, and high level business plans related to transportation. 

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"Jay is remarkable - that's the short form. The longer one? He's possessed of bold and realistic vision, preternatural calm, leadership skills that motivate and empower, deep subject matter expertise, and a ferocious intellect. While he's a fantastic team lead, he's equally comfortable helping refine and implement the vision of others - one of the rare folks who can lead and follow with equanimity and grace. He's going to be a tremendous addition to someone's enterprise - or perhaps his own..."

"Have an important, complex project with lots of unknowns—one that needs a strong rudder? Jay is your man. His intelligence, drive, and attention to detail make him an exceptional project lead. Our projects required extraordinary vision and constant problem solving, and Jay was our fearless leader in navigating big challenges with confidence, ease, and humor. He is a classic “pace setter” leader—he displays excellence on all fronts, and therefore people around him are lifted up to their best professional selves."

"The first thing that struck me about Jay was his calm demeanor. Implementing new policies and innovative ways of doing things in a bureaucratic environment can be a recipe to drive one's self crazy, particularly for people like Jay who have an ambitious vision. However, Jay developed a strategic path to achieve that vision, maintained the course, and accomplished remarkable things - all while maintaining his empathy, sense of humor, and infectious enthusiasm. "

"Jay's brand of calm leadership was extraordinary. Day upon day, year upon year, he infused a range of multidisciplinary teams with a sustained sense of purpose, passion, integrity, movement, coordination, focus, and meaning. His work ethic, judgement, persistence, prevailing sense of fairness, innate advocacy for good and clean design, strategic framing, political astuteness, thoughtful vision, driving passion, problem-solving skills, and organizational gifts inspired us all to coordinated and integrated action. Jay's ability to effectively communicate and engage people across the complex hierarchies involved--from parking control officers and contract administrators to executive directors and elected officials, from coders and programmers to designers and storytellers--revealed a unique ability to understand, distill and inspire confidence and award-winning performances across a wide range of disciplines and interests."

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